Our suppliers and materials

If you have read the story about KOMONI Amsterdam, you might understand why we found our production partners in Mexico: because we were looking for it!

Our production partners Gerardo & Rodrigo

With finding Gerardo and Rodrigo we were able to establish a great working relationship since 2016 based on trust and with a similar energy. To emphasize our mutual ambitions, they are the sole supplier for KOMONI Amsterdam. 

"we choose our materials wisely and work with the best possible suppliers"

One of the main goals that are set to be accomplished in 2022 is the implementation of solar panels on the roof of the production hall, so the production is directly powered by the Mexican sun. 

The most important materials for our products are the paper and the wood. Because we believe in tranparancy we hereby introduce our material suppliers. These are established companies who have all the possible certificates needed for an honest and sustainable production.

Our paper supplier COPAMEX

The paper we use is produced in Mexico by Copamex. We use a thin 75grams paper which is 100% recycled. Thin paper is better for the environment and this particular paper is of very high quality. It is suitable for many types of markers and even water color paint. 



Our wood supplier GUARARAPES

For all our products we use a 3mm MDF from our supplier Guararapes. The MDF has several certificates.  All the wood that the company uses comes from sustainable forests. They actively make sure their social and environmental goals are met. Read more about this here.